Langebaan to Luderitz

After a very long 5 months away from home, Time Out and her intrepid skipper could finally head home to Walvis Bay. Approximately 485 nautical miles and 3.5 days of travel.

departure planning

First there was a detour down to Cape Town to go through the departure procedures. As someone on Noonsite said “God and Allah are the only deities that know what today’s South African clearance procedure is.” After much bureaucratic back and forth, Achim and the crew – Siggi and Dante – were cleared to leave South Africa and set sail for Namibia.

While tracking Time Out up the west coast I saw some odd zig zagging and very slow speeds. I assumed they were trying to find better weather conditions but there was actually a problem with the port engine and repairs to the water pump and fan belts had to be done while at sea. Luckily Achim had the foresight to stock up on spares to cover most emergencies.


Time Out arrived in Ludertiz on Thursday morning, cleared immigration and customs and the crew could head into town for a celebratory dinner at Barrels.

With gale force winds blowing, Time Out and her crew spent Friday in Luderitz. They were woken up early as the dock had been damaged by the stormy weather and they moved out to a mooring buoy. The starter on the starboard engine was repaired and the day ended with a beautiful sunset and sundowners.

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